Do you know where your company devices and assets are? Let CGF take over the challenge of keeping track of these important company investments. We have the manpower and customizable Asset Tracking software in place to document your entire asset inventory, so you can keep track of what you have, who is using it, where it is located and the product lifecycle.


Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) – is a “middleware framework”, meaning a collection of technologies and services that bring together databases and workflows associated with business applications.

Many types of enterprise software such as supply chain management (SCM) applications, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, business intelligence applications, payroll and human resources systems typically cannot exchange data or business rules with each other. Therefore, such applications are sometimes referred to as automation islands or information silos. The lack of communication leads to inefficiencies where identical data is stored in different places or simple processes cannot be automated.

The purpose of enterprise application integration, then, is to ensure that the enterprise uses information consistently and that changes to core data made by one application are reflected correctly in others. EAI becomes necessary to support a mobile workforce, to optimize Internet and e-commerce usage, and to take full advantage of cloud computing.

Our EAI services include evaluation of appropriate middleware, design, integration, and maintenance of your company’s integration solution.


Do you need reporting that is customizable to your parameters? We’ll provide access to KPI reports on the health, status, location, updates and contract/leasing agreements. You’ll know where and when your assets are being used and when it’s time to upgrade or replace certain assets thanks to our advanced customizable monitoring system. When it is, we can make the onboarding of new equipment seamless, so there is minimal disruption to your workplace.