A subsidiary of CGF Counsel Group Frankfurt AG in Germany, CGF Counsel Group Frankfurt LLC, (Greenville, SC) is experienced in providing on-site data management, data science, and data security solutions to automotive and other IT manufacturing and business environments. 

Our company’s critical point of difference is reflected in our name. We view ourselves as more than IT providers…we are foremost IT Counselors who take a cost-efficient, lean management approach to service in order to zero in on a plan of action that produces the most efficient and profitable results for the client. We can apply our CIO approach to any of core competencies including Asset Tracking, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solutions, Smart Building Solutions, and Visual Inspection Technology.


We are focused on creating valuable solutions for our clients by first understanding their problems, and then creating new approaches that best suit their business needs. We strive to set up IT processes that are easy to use and to service, in order to create a better, everyday workplace so that our customers can focus on their core competencies.


CGF has provided on-site IT support for an international automotive manufacturer since 2012, working closely with it’s IT departments in its factories in Germany, Mexico and the USA. Our team in the US is strategically located in CU-ICAR, the international center of automotive research, in order to provide a cutting edge level of IT operational support to additional automotive manufacturing plants and industries in the Upstate. .

As a company, we are focused on keeping abreast of the latest in it innovations and data management applications in order to provide turnkey solutions and greater business value for our customers.

One such example: CGF is our partnership with Behr Technologies (BTI), the worldwide licensee of MIOTY™, developed by Fraunhofer Institute. MIOTY™ is a best-in-class IIoT communications technology that enables businesses to wirelessly connect and monitor devices, and to analyze the data in real time to improve operational efficiencies. CGF serves as the single point of contact for ordering, configuring, and installing the MIOTY IIoT ecosystem and providing all on-site operational service and support.


The CGF Counsel Group Frankfurt stands for customer-oriented solutions across the IT environment. It is part of our corporate culture at CGF to employ a counseling approach to service that enables our team of specialists to consider each customer’s requirements with a clear sense of vision and purpose before providing IT services, support and solutions.

This corporate mindset began with Wilhelm Treiber, CGF’s Managing Director today, who previously worked as Managing Director of Roland Berger do Brasil. Mr. Treiber has always believed that IT professionals must first serve as counselors…to begin the relationship by asking questions, listening and looking beyond short term problems to understand the overall scope of the customer’s needs in order to create strategic solutions that add value.

To pursue this vision, Mr. Treiber joined a start-up company, CIO GmbH in 1999, first as an employee and later as a co-partner. In 2005, he took over all shares of the company, which had been renamed CIO Management AG. As sole owner, Mr Treiber was able to establish a corporate culture that reflected his business methodology and as a result, changed the name to CGF Counsel Group Frankfurt AG.

In 2006, CGF began expanding beyond Germany and today has several international subsidiaries. The first was CGF Asia Co. Ltd, based in Bangkok. In 2012, CGF Counsel Group Frankfurt LLC, based in Greenville, South Carolina was founded. The latest member of the CGF Group is CGF S.A. de C.V., based in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Today CGF has 120 IT counselors worldwide, all offering our customers a solution’s oriented approach to service in order to best serve their needs.