Your benefit in working with us

We zero in on the most efficient solutions for your business, resulting in more effective and profitable conclusions. Our signature consulting procedures in approaching all the issues you confront every day is quite simple: we put ourselves in your shoes!

Listening wholeheartedly to your grievances paves the best way to understand the real problem and create outstanding solutions. We are your specialist in creating a solution that exclusively fits your business` necessities. We don’t offer a one size fits all product but analyze based on qualifying interviews your particular needs and just then create an optimized solution. This „CIO Method of Operation” generates a plethora of benefits, assures positive outcomes and soothes the pain that confront so many companies today.

It is no secret, that modern IT systems today have to meet a variety of different requirements. In particular, the IT departments are challenged by the increased networking of IT systems and the resulting complexity for development, data consistency and data security.

To encounter these challenges, we are your partner on an eye level to finding the right and appropriate solution for your business processes. Our counselor will give you and your employees the freedom to just focus on your core competencies to run it more effective and profitable.

We elaborate solutions with you in the following areas:




IT Consulting and Strategic IT Alignment of your Business

We help you to match your company‘s strategic focus with a suitable IT strategy. Our CGF expertise in data management, data consistency and data security will support your business to achieving better results.




IT Process Definition and Operation

We are your expert in establishing and managing your IT processes. Operating in a lean, systematic manner, our counselors will obtain a real value added to your departments.




IT Solutions, IT Support and IT Programming

To ensure that your employees constantly can focus on core competencies of your business, our counselors take care of standard distribution of IT, develop applications or functional websites and organize the packaging of software for easy and consistent distribution to the workstations and user-devices. This way your employees have access to functioning and synchronized end devices without spending more time as needed in installations or update circles.