Vision and Mission

It is our focus to create valuable solutions to our clients by first understanding the problem and then creating new approaches that suite your business. It is our vision to set up IT processes that are easy to use and so create a better every day work-place for you. It is our concern, that you can focus on your core competencies and therefore work more efficiently and effectively.




Values of CGF Counselors

Our solution oriented-approach

Our solution oriented-approach towards your companies’ challenges and IT encounters, will support to align your business. Our teams work solution oriented and value achieving towards your concerns.

The following 3 principles make our company and work special for you:

  • Root-Cause Analysis: We first listen to your needs and then create an adequate solution! We take the time to first understand your problems, issues and/or challenges, that you are facing and then create solutions that actually fit and generate a value added to your company.
  • Our Agile Counsel Approach: For faster reaction and more appropriate results, we integrated the idea of agile management with pro-activity, anticipation and initiative into our counseling approach.
  • Lean Management and high customer orientation: You, as our client, are the center of our attention. This point of view is generally supported by our lean management approach. We think in your necessities and optimize your processes in a lean manner with the end-goal of implementing a continuous improvement process.

It is our value to achieving the best outcome for our clients.


In collaboration with our clients

It is our most valuable asset to accompany our clients on an equal footing. This in our first step to listen to the voice of our customer. Our Counselors look beyond the horizon to find and create adequate solutions, which generate real value to you as our client. In comparison to average consultant agencies, our extended approach is the focus on root-cause analysis and solution oriented consulting to better understand your problems and create most valuable solutions to your benefit.


Our team-collaboration

We have a flat team hierarchy and consequently base our work on values such as honesty, reliability, respect and responsibly. A trustful and long-lasting partnership is what we stand for equally with our clients as well as within our teams. To anchor these values, we attach importance to self-responsibility of each individual. We foster intrinsically motivated teams who are committed to delivering outstanding results to our customers. We focus on a healthy work climate with the culture of mutual support and high trust.




Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability:

  • The term "sustainability" initially originates in forestry - "never fell more trees than can regrow within a certain time" - and was employed as a guideline for the first time in the Brundtland Report of 1987.
  • For us and our Counselors, this principle is taken into account to assume the consequences of climate change in our decisions at work. Sustainable management along the entire value-added chain is therefore of paramount importance to us, taking into account a resource-conserving approach towards the environment.
  • We operate climate-neutral and always try to cut down emissions. The entire company discharges less carbon dioxide (CO2 emissions) than our central in Zieglesdorf, Germany generates. There approximately 150 hectares of ecologically farmed land, forestry and pond management as well as a biogas plant, are used to produce more oxygen and electricity than CGF worldwide consumes. Since 2012, we have been ISO 9004: 2009 (E) certified (extension of ISO 9001: 2008 certification for sustainable success).


Social responsibility:

  • We esteem social responsibility for our employees as the most important pre-requisite for successful and sustainable cooperation between client – employee – and employer. Above all, the compatibility of work and family life as well as a pleasant, appreciative working environment is implemented and constantly being improved by various measures at CGF.
  • In doing so, we offer our employees flexible working time structures, teleworking possibilities and compatibility of family and work.





The CGF Group stands for customer-oriented solutions in the IT environment. It is part of the CGF values to consider customer requirements with clear sense of vision and the skill quickly understanding the needs of its clients.
For Wilhelm Treiber, todays CGF Managing Director and former Managing Director of Roland Berger do Brasil, the integral consulting, which looks beyond a short-term problem solution, is his personal impetus.
In order to share this motivation with a team, he joined the company CIO GmbH, which was in the start-up phase, in 2000, as an employee and later as a co-partner. In order to take his business approach even further into the company's focus, Mr. Treiber took over all shares in 2005 at CIO Management AG, which was at that time the company's name. At the same time, the major change in the company structure should also be made visible by renaming it to CGF Counsel Group Frankfurt AG. The special consulting approach of the new CGF AG should already be found in the name. This above mentioned particular approach still motivates all CGF councils today.

Especially to better meet customer and market requirements, CGF expanded with the establishment of international subsidiaries. In 2006, the CGF Asia Co. Ltd. Based in Bangkok. In 2012 the founding of CGF CounselGroupFrankfurt LLC, based in Greenville, South Carolina, followed. As the latest member of the CGF Group, CGF S.A. de C.V. Based in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, which is currently under construction.
Our customers feel this solution orientation in the daily cooperation with our counselors and have the possibility to take full advantage.




Data and Facts

  • 1999 – Foundation CIO-Group in Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2005 - Takeover of management by W. Treiber as well as renaming of company to CGF AG - Counsel Group Frankfurt
  • 2008 – Establishment CGF Asia Co. Ltd. Bangkok as a subsidiary in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2012 – Foundation of CGF CounselGroupFrankfurt, LLC as a subsidiary in Greenville, South Carolina, USA
  • 2017 – Foundation CGF S.A. de C.V as subsidiary in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Today: The CGF Group has around 120 counselors worldwide.